Skip Preble has written a number of articles over the past decade, and the ones that are still considered relevant (and that have active links still available!) are posted below.

What Stifles Good Housing Development?

We can’t keep fudging to hide poor practices. If we are ever to achieve a more sustainable world and create better communities and housing products, we simply cannot accept mediocre design, technology and attitude.

How Marketing Could Boost Land Development

Consideration of market demand — and the intersection of that demand with public policy decisions — should be an integral part of the decision making process for the public sector. When used to provide input for financial projections, it can be an invaluable tool in land use planning for communities.

Glimmers of Hope

Signs of the pending recovery in the home building market are discussed.

Housing Bubbles Are A Local Issue

Discussion of the US housing “bubble” and why there really wasn’t a bubble throughout the entire US.

My Observations at the IBS

When I attended the International Builder Show last month, some interesting attitudes and points of view were evident.

Hang In “Til 2010

“History indicates that builders and developers who react quickly and effectively to changes in market conditions survive, while those who postpone dealing with the crisis do not.”

What, Me Plan?

The maximum profit you are ever going to make in a given project was made the day you actually start the project.

Change the Use!

A discussion of how changing the use of a property can create value for owners and investors.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

A discussion of the marginal cost of capital for a development firm, and how to create value using time-adjusted cash flow analysis.

Creating Value in Any Market

Factors considered critical to success in land development.